Top Commitment

Cosel’s CSR is based on its Management Philosophy of "Responding to the Trust of Society by Putting Quality as the Most Important Priority"

Based on our management philosophy “Responding to the Trust of Society by Putting Quality as the Most Important Priority,” Cosel aims to continue to earn the trust of society by balancing contributions to the realization of a sustainable society with our own sustained growth.
We will realize such contributions to the realization of a sustainable society and sustained growth through manufacturing and providing products and services. We consider quality to be vital to realizing these goals.
When we use the word "quality," we use it not simply in the sense of functional quality but to refer to the various types of quality that are essential to the sustainability of society, including the quality of the services and interactions we provide, the quality of the value we provide in response to changing needs, and the quality of our work. Cosel’s attitude toward CSR is based on this management philosophy that has been handed down within the organization.

Basic activities to fulfill our social responsibilities

We carry out our business activities based on a customer-oriented, quality-first mindset, in all domains including product planning, development, design, procurement, production, sales and customer-satisfaction activities. We value Cosel Quality, which is generated through the interactions among these business activities.
We believe that continuous quality improvement leads to customer peace of mind, and by extension, to earning the trust of society. Cosel's activities are conducted through systems and structures developed to ensure thorough corporate governance, risk management, and compliance, each of which is fundamental to corporate management that aims to fulfill our social responsibilities. We aim to promote these activities broadly throughout the entire supply chain in addition to the Cosel Group.

Environmental initiatives

In line with our environmental policies and the action guidelines intended to realize them, we actively promote efforts to lessen the environmental impact of our business activities, based on an environmental management system. As a company that develops and manufactures electric products, we believe that we can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting energy conservation by our customers and in social systems through advancing efforts to lessen the environmental impacts of activities such as procurement and production as well as developing and supplying products that can deliver significant energy-conservation effects by reducing power loss. We believe that our environmental initiatives also will enable solutions to business challenges.
We also believe that it is our mission and responsibility to pass on our precious global environment to future generations in a sound, healthy state.

Taking on the challenges of technological innovation to create new value

The environment in which we do business has undergone massive changes in recent years as we come face to face with a wide range of social issues and challenges. Customer's needs also have grown increasingly diverse with the progress of globalization. This means that the definition of "quality" referred to in our management philosophy also has changed and grown more diverse. We believe it is vital to accurately identify such changes in the concept of "quality" in a timely manner.
Cosel has set "Our mission is to create timely, value-added products and services that capture customer-centric needs. We aim to be an indispensable force in building a smarter, more energy-efficient society." as the vision in the tenth mid-term management policy. This vision represents our aims to identify the needs of customers and society and what they want to achieve at an early stage, through communication and cooperation with customers, and to create, co-create, and realize new value for the future.
We will advance efforts to realize valuable products and services by boldly taking on the challenges of innovation in technologies and manufacturing that are essential to this vision.

Workplace and human-resource development to enable each and every employee to thrive

The starting point of manufacturing is human-resource development, and above all it is our people who support our business activities and, by extension, our CSR activities. We believe that the growth of each individual employee and evolution of the organization will enable us to adapt to change, while also inspiring peace of mind among customers and leading to our perpetual growth as a company.
We also believe that improving specialized abilities in areas such as technologies, skills and management techniques, as well as sharing our individual ideas, respecting each other, and supporting each other’s growth should be fundamental for enhancing our organizational abilities.
This is why we value communication and teamwork so highly.
We aim to be a group of autonomous human resources who are able to learn, think, and act on their own. We are confident that broadening the domains in which they can succeed will make work more rewarding of each individual and enable our corporate growth as well.
We will strive to develop a culture and environment in which autonomous human resources can grow, to enable our continued growth as an organization.

Masato Tanikawa President & Chief Executive Officer