Top Commitment

Basis of Cosel’s CSR: Management Philosophy “Responding to the Trust of society by Putting Quality as the Most Important Priority”

In accordance with our management philosophy “Responding to the Trust of Society by Putting Quality as the Most Important Priority,” Cosel has been conducting business activities to contribute to society through our “quality-first” approach to manufacturing and providing products and services.

When we use the word “quality,” it refers not only to the safety or quality of a single product, but also to “changing quality” and “desired quality” required for the sustainability of society, which means any kind of quality. Cosel’s attitude toward CSR is based on this management philosophy and has been handed down within the organization.

Basic activities to fulfill social responsibilities

Cosel has established a system and structure to thoroughly implement corporate governance, risk management, and compliance, the three fundamental elements in corporate management to fulfill social responsibilities. We aim to promote these activities not only within the Cosel Group, but also across our supply chain.

Efforts for Environmental conservation

In accordance with our environmental policies, we actively promote activities to reduce the environmental burden generated from our business activities under the environmental management system. As the company that develops and manufactures electronic products, we believe we can help promote energy conservation for our customers and in a social system by developing and providing products that reduce power loss and save significant amounts of energy and by promoting environmentally-conscious efforts in our procurement and production activities, and thus contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We consider our efforts for environmental conservation will contribute to the resolution of our business challenges.

We also believe that it is our mission and responsibility to pass our precious global environment on to the next generation in a healthy state.

Working toward technological innovation to create new values

The recent situations surrounding us have been changing enormously and we are facing various social problems and challenges. In addition, customer needs have become diversified due to globalization. That means the definition of “quality” in our management philosophy has changed and become diversified. We believe it is important to accurately grasp changing “quality” in a timely manner.

Cosel has set “Grasping needs from a customer’s perspective and developing high-value added products and services” as the vision in the 7th mid-term management policy. This vision represents our aim to grasp the needs of customers and society and what they want to achieve at an early stage through communication and cooperation with them and create, co-create, and realize new values for the future.

We will work hard on innovation in technology and manufacturing that are required to this end and promote the development of value-added products and services by taking advantage of such innovation.

The development of a workplace where each employee can play a role and the cultivation of human resources

The basis of manufacturing is the cultivation of human resources, and human resources serve as the backbone of our business activities and CSR activities. We believe it is important not only to strengthen expertise such as techniques, abilities, and management skills, but also to improve human qualities such as sense of ethics, humility and sensitivity. We’d like to be a company that values communication and teamwork.

In order to be a company where each employee develops their skills through hands-on training and grows further by utilizing their own skills, we will strive to develop such a culture and environment for the cultivation of human resources and continue to grow as a company.

Masato Tanikawa President & Chief Executive Officer