Risk Management

We have determined Regulations for Risk Management, have categorized the risks that the Company faces as below, and are working to ensure they are under control.

  • Under normal circumstances, we have defined Risk Management in annual policy management categories and daily management categories for each department within our policy management activities, and are working on these with each department.
  • Risk management during unusual circumstances such as fire, accident, disaster, etc. is subject to the "Regulations for Response during Situations of Risk." Employees are required to abide by the "Emergency Behavior Manual" in taking measures in order to protect life, rescue others and minimize the impact on our customers as matters of high priority. In addition, the Risk Management/Compliance Committee is working on a review, as well as evaluation and consideration of response measures in regard to potential risks. Furthermore, we have defined "BCP (Business Continuity Plan) regulations," which will allow us to recover our systems and implement business as soon as possible in unexpected situations.

Outline of risks