Our group abides by laws (known as "compliance"), and defines an Ethical Charter and Standards of Behavior, which define for all directors and employees of itself and subsidiaries (employees, temporary staffs, and any other person working within the Company, hereinafter the same) how they are expected to behave. The following system is in place to ensure compliance therewith.

  • Compliance is expected on a day-to-day basis. In order to achieve this, the director responsible for the General Affairs Dept. is placed in charge, and the Administrative Div. creates, maintains, and educates employees regarding the system.
  • The Audit Office, directly under the jurisdiction of the President, is the division responsible for internal audits, and ensures that our business complies with laws, articles of incorporation and internal regulations, as well as reporting the results of this work to the Boards of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board.
  • The Board of Directors periodically reviews its compliance systems, and works to ascertain and improve upon problems.