Efforts for Environment

Environmental Policies

We have established “Environmental Principle” and “Action Guideline” under the management system considering effects to environment

Environmental Management System

We have established the environmental management system and promoted environmental burden reduction

Environmental Consideration in Product Development

We conduct an environmental assessment at the new product design stage and promote new product developments with less environmental burden such as energy-saving.

Environmental Consideration in Component Procurement

We have conducted an X-ray fluorescence analysis by parts to prevent the entry of environmentally-unfriendly chemicals into our products

Environmental Consideration in Manufacturing

We have developed production equipment with energy-saving functions and conducted measures to prevent contamination by chemical substances

Efforts for Effective Use of Resources

We are promoting and conducting 3R activities from the perspectives of the reduction of environmental burden and the effective use of resources

Efforts to Prevent Global Warming

We are conducting activites to prevent global warming by promoting energy-saving and using renewable energy