with Shareholders and Investors

Holding an annual general meeting of stockholders

Cosel holds its annual general meeting of shareholders at the Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry in mid-August every year. 56 people attended the meeting in 2016. At the meeting, shareholders asked us a lot of questions. We deeply communicated with each other, helping them understand Cosel further.
At every meeting, we conduct a questionnaire to collect opinions and requests on matters widely ranging from the contents of presentations to our management. We strive to apply what we learn from the questionnaires to the future.

Enhancement of information provision tools

Cosel has an “Investor Relations” page on the website to provide our shareholders and investors with information in a prompt, fair manner. On the website, we provide various kinds of information with easily accessible: business descriptions, an outline of performance, business strategies, financial information, and account settlements, etc.
As we redesigned our web, it now contains more detailed information and is much more useful.

Investor Relations