with Shareholders and Investors

Regular general meetings of shareholders

Cosel holds a regular general meeting of shareholders each year in early August. The meeting on August 12, 2020 was held at the Toyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Shareholders asked us numerous questions in the meeting, which served to enhance communication and deepen their understandings of Cosel.
At each regular general meeting of shareholders, we survey attendees to collect a wide range of opinions and requests on matters ranging from the content of the presentations to corporate management. We strive to utilize what we learn from these surveys in our future activities.

Enhancement of tools for providing information

The Cosel website has a “Investor Relations" page on which we provide many shareholders and investors with timely and equitable access to information. On our website we strive to make a wide range of information available easily, through content concerning management strategies, financial information, and settlement of accounts in addition to descriptions of our businesses and summaries of business performance.
We also have established a Website Committee that deliberates on topics and issues in operating the Cosel website, striving to implement continual improvements to make it easier to use, including enhancement of its content and improving speed of access.

Investor Relations