Terms of use

Terms of use of COSEL Website

  1. This website is operated by COSEL Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "the Company").
  2. It is assumed that users of this website have agreed with these Terms of Service.
  3. The company may change the conditions for using this website without prior notice. In such cases, conditions for use after any change will be applied.
  4. The company may shut down the server, change the information, or cease or temporarily shut down the provision of information without prior notice.
  5. The company assumes no responsibility for the following damage.
    1. (1) Any damage occurring directly or indirectly as a result of using this website.
    2. (2) Any damage incurred directly or indirectly as a result of following links contained in this website.
    3. (3) Any direct or indirect damage incurred as a result of the server being shut down without prior notice, a change in the information provided, or the cessation or temporary shutdown of the provision of information.
  6. When using the websites of companies related to the Company via a link provided in this website, the terms and conditions of the destination site will apply.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Products, services and information such as that relating to technology offered to customers on this website are subject to related laws and regulations relating to intellectual property rights, such as the Industrial Property Law and Copyright Act. Customers may only use this information for personal purposes. Any use beyond this (duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, adaptation, etc. – hereinafter the same) requires explicit permission from the Company.

Prohibited Behaviors

Customers are prohibited from any of the following when using this website.

  1. Infringement of industrial property rights, copyright and other property rights belonging to other customers, third parties or the Company.
  2. Slander, damage to the reputation or intimidation of other customers, third parties or the Company.
  3. Behavior that causes or may cause losses or damage to other customers, third parties or the Company.
  4. Behavior that may cause damage to the reputation of the Company or this website.
  5. Behavior that involves the use of this website for marketing or other profitable purposes.
  6. Behavior or speech involving obscenity or profanity, or other behavior that infringes public order.
  7. The use of computer viruses or other damaging programs, or their supply, or behavior that threatens such.
  8. Behavior that infringes or may infringe laws (including export laws).
  9. Any other behavior that infringes these Terms of Service, or causes or may cause an impediment to the business of the Company or a third party.


  1. The information provided is correct, safe and useful.
  2. The information provided is compatible and functional for the specified purpose.
  3. Issues of safety, including that there are no computer viruses contained within the information.
  4. The information provided is consistently up to date.
  5. All damages resulting to our customers caused by the Terms of Service of the Company, and changes or deletions to, cessation of disclosure, and cessation/temporary cessation of the information on this website.
  6. Any incident relating to websites accessed by a customer via a link.


Customers infringing these Terms of Service and causing damages to other customers, a third party, or the Company will be liable for compensation to said customer for the full amount of the damage caused. The company takes no responsibility for any damages incurred in such a way.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdictional Court

These Terms of Service and this website are subject to the application of Japanese law. Disputes arising as a result of these Terms of Service and this website are to be determined by the decision of the Toyama District Court, as the court charged with jurisdiction in such matters.