Environmental Policies

We set up Environmental Policy that represent s our basic attitudes toward the environment and share them across the organization. We show our approach to environmental problems to society and promote our efforts toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Principle

Harmonize production and product development with the environment, endeavor to maintain and improve the global environment and thereby contribute to the society

Action Guideline

The following action guidelines are set to embody our environmental principles.

  1. (1) Offer environmentally friendly products.
  2. (2) Avoid unnecessary consumption of resources and promote reuse of waste.
  3. (3) Reduce and eliminate the use of environmentally unfriendly chemicals and endeavor to improve the global environment.
  4. (4) Set and review goals and objectivities to control our activities, work for continuous improvement and prevent contamination.
  5. (5) Comply with national and local environmental regulations and align with the needs of customers and local communities.
  6. (6) Enlighten employees about environmental preservation including biodiversity conservation through environmental of all employees.

Enacted on May 21, 1999
Revised on July 24, 2012