Information Security

COSEL engages in the manufacture and sale of switching power supplies and noise filters. In the course of its work, it is committed to the social responsibility of protecting the information resources it holds, including information acquired from customers. It has defined a basic Information Security Policy, and is committed to its implementation.

  1. COSEL establishes a system for promoting information security and strives to appropriately manage its information resources.
  2. COSEL implements education and training as required to ensure the protection of information security.
  3. COSEL introduces appropriate management strategies and strives to ensure that information security incidents and accidents do not occur.
  4. In the event of an information security incident or accident, COSEL swiftly seeks for the source of such incident and strives to minimize any resulting damage, as well as prevent reoccurrence.
  5. COSEL abides strictly by all laws, national guidelines and other social regulations regarding information security.
  6. All employees must abide by regulations relating to information security. Any employee infringing such regulations is subjected to the sanctions detailed in the Company regulations.
  7. COSEL coordinates and implements internal regulations in line with this basic policy.
  8. COSEL maintains the above activities and strives to continuously improve them.