Environmental Consideration in Product Development

Development of compact, high-efficiency power supplies

For new products, we conduct an environmental assessment at the development stage from the perspectives of resource conservation, energy conservation, recyclability, toxic substances, packaging, and packing materials. We also promote efforts to develop more environmentally friendly products.
In addition, we have established our own independent evaluation standards under which we certify and register products that have a strong effects on environmental impact reduction as "Eco Model" products. We encourage customers to use these "Eco Model" products by identifying them using the logo at right.

Small and High Efficiency Power Supply for Medical Equipment ; PCA1000F

Small size and large capacity DC-DC power supply ; MGFS40/80

Environmentally friendly Eco products and their logo

In FY 2010, we developed a new internal environmental assessment system in order to promote the development of environmentally friendly products and actively provide customers with environmental information on our products. Aiming to lessen their environmental impact, we evaluate our products based on the following three items.

  1. (1)Environmental impact generated when our products are operated at customers' sites
  2. (2)Environmental impact generated when our products are manufactured at our plants
  3. (3)Environmental impact generated when the materials and components we purchase are manufactured

For such evaluation, we have established our own standards that we use to certify and register products that satisfy the standards and are highly effective for lessening environmental impact, as "Eco Model" products.
To promote these "Eco Model" products, we identify them using the following logo.

Total number of Eco Products

FY2018[Total number of Eco Products:234]

Symbol of Cosel’s Eco Products

Cosel's "Eco Model" logo

We will continue actively expanding our lineup of "Eco Model" products to realize, together with our customers, a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society that makes less of an impact on the environment.