Ethical Charter and Standards of Behavior

COSEL's Ethical Charter and Standards of Behavior are based on realizing our Management Philosophy of "Living up to our reputation in society by a quality-first approach." All directors and employees (hereinafter, "we") are strongly aware of their social responsibility, and thoroughly adhere to related laws and regulations in their workplace activities, in order to ensure that our behavior is in line with social ethics.
We also believe the following two things to be important in regard to behavior.

  • Thorough adherence to laws and regulations, etc.
  • Behavior based on a high sense of ethics, and a commitment to meeting social responsibilities

Ethical Charter and Standards of Behavior

1. COSEL Ethical Charter

  1. Thorough adherence to laws and social regulations
    We will abide, throughout all our corporate activities, to laws and social regulations, good common sense, rules, and the spirit behind them, as well as not only this Charter but all social regulations, so that as the COSEL Group, our corporate actions are correct and in line with social ethics.
  2. Social contribution
    We aim to provide top-level products and services to the world that are in line with market needs, and to contribute to society through this.
  3. Respect for human rights
    We respect the fundamental human rights, and will not behave in such a way as to discriminate or damage the dignity of others.
  4. Information disclosure
    We strive to disclose information properly and conduct our corporate activities honestly, fairly, and transparently.
  5. Environmental conservation
    We live in harmony with the richness of nature, and will implement our corporate activities in consideration of the environment and safety, in order to protect the global environment and its natural resources.

2. Standards of Behavior

In order to realize COSEL Ethical Charter and Management Philosophy, we will abide by the following.

  1. Honest interaction with customers
    We will listen carefully to the voices of our customers and utilize what we learn at every stage, beginning with product development.
  2. Quality-first approach
    We will aim to offer quality in our products and services that is better than the expectations of our customers and continuously work towards this.
  3. Information, explanations and advertising of our products
    We will always provide customers with the correct knowledge regarding the use of our products, in order to ensure they have peace of mind and satisfaction.
  4. Fair, honest trade
    We will implement fair and honest trade when purchasing and selling at all times.
  5. Relationships with antisocial forces
    We will have no relationship whatsoever with antisocial forces or organizations that seek to threaten the order and safety of society.
  6. Timely provision of information
    We will provide shareholders, investors and customers with timely, appropriate information in order for them to have a clear understanding of our Company’s and our Group’s management condition and our corporate activities.
  7. Prohibition of insider trading
    We will never trade in shares that are or may be the subject of insider trading.
  8. Obligation to confidentiality
    We will not leak any information that is intended to be confidential, without proper reason.
  9. Protection of corporate resources
    We will handle all corporate resources, which are used to produce corporate value, with care, and not do anything that may damage them.
  10. Protection of intellectual property
    We will strive to protect intellectual property held by the Company, and not impeach the rights of others.
  11. Responsible implementation of work
    We will abide by laws and corporate regulations, and engage in our work at all times with a sense of responsibility.
  12. Separation between public/private
    We will distinguish clearly between our corporate position and the position of each individual, and not confuse the interests of one with the other.
  13. Maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace
    We will abide by all laws and corporate regulations relating to the safety and health of the workplace environment, as well as aiming to create a safe and healthy environment.
  14. Respect for human rights
    We respect human rights and strive towards a workplace in which there is no discrimination based on gender, age, origin, race, belief, religion, illness or disability.
  15. Prohibition of sexual harassment
    We will not engage in sexual harassment in any form.
  16. Prohibition of power harassment
    We will not speak or behave in any way as to damage the character or dignity of others outside the scope of giving instructions related to work, by using the authority granted to us by our positions.
  17. Protection of privacy
    We will have the utmost respect for personal information, and not damage it, inappropriately pass it on, or disclose it in any way.
  18. International business
    We will abide by all local laws, customs, traditions and cultural requirements in business activities undertaken outside of Japan.
  19. Environmentally friendly business activities
    We will abide by all environmental laws and company environmental regulations, and strive to reduce the negative environmental impact of our work at all times, in order to conserve the global environment.
  20. Social contribution
    We aim to be a good corporate citizen and realize a better society, and as such, each member of the Company will work towards making a contribution to society.
  21. Contribution to politics
    We will maintain a neutral stance in regard to politicians and political organizations, and not contribute either inappropriate profits or conveniences.

Defined: September 2006
Revised: August 2022
COSEL Co., Ltd.