Discontinued (November, 2023)

Released 1996
Rated Input: DC4.5 - 9V, DC9 - 18V, DC18 - 36V, DC36 - 72V
Rated Output Wattage: 1.5W
Rated Output Voltage: 5V,12V,15V
Warranty Period 5-year

Recommended Model for Replacement

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PCB Mount type MGS1R5 2016
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    • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

    Features of ZUS1R5

    • Thin profile
    • Isolated between input-output
    • Built-in overcurrent protection circuit
    • UL recognized, TÜV approved, CSA certified

    Ordering Information and Options

    ZU(1)  S(2)  1R5(3)  12(4)  05(5)  

    (1) Series name
    (2) Single output
    (3) Output wattage
    (4) Input voltage
    (5) Output voltage

    Product Line-up

    Product Name Output Wattage Output Voltage・Current
    ZUS1R50505 1.50W 5V 0.30A
    ZUS1R50512 1.56W 12V 0.13A
    ZUS1R50515 1.50W 15V 0.10A
    ZUS1R51205 1.50W 5V 0.30A
    ZUS1R51212 1.56W 12V 0.13A
    ZUS1R51215 1.50W 15V 0.10A
    ZUS1R52405 1.50W 5V 0.30A
    ZUS1R52412 1.56W 12V 0.13A
    ZUS1R52415 1.50W 15V 0.10A
    ZUS1R54805 1.50W 5V 0.30A
    ZUS1R54812 1.56W 12V 0.13A
    ZUS1R54815 1.50W 15V 0.10A
    • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.
    Table1 Product Status Information
    No. Product Status Definition
    1 New Product New Product. Recommended for new design.
    2 Recommended Recommended for new design.
    3 blank Product in mass production
    4 NRND Not recommended for new design.
    5 To be discontinued PDN (Product Discontinuation Notice) is issued and LTB (Last Time Buy) is under consideration.
    6 Discontinued LTB order is no longer available.