EMI Filters (Search by Industry・Application)


The IT introduction of the medical equipment accomplish remarkable progress, while global declining birthrate and aging population. A power supply is in particular essential for diagnostic imaging apparatus such as MRI or CT represented by the latest medical care and medical inspection, and biochemistry analysers like blood or urinalysis device. COSEL has wide line-up of power supply and EMI/EMC filter for medical equipment.

Alternative Energy

The expectation to development of the domestic renewable energy in Japan is increased while global warming prevention is demanded worldwide. COSEL has line-up which is suitable for battery charge to use energy effectively and smart grid which supports practical use of the renewable energy.

Factory Automation and Test & Measurement

The control units used in industrial plant or infrastructure operate regardless of the night and day, and stable operation is required under the unstable input voltage, vibration and the severe temperature condition. COSEL has wide line-up corresponding to various industrial application such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measurement equipment and mechatronics equipment.


A railway transportation is less load to natural environments than others and the expectation is increased as environment friendly. It is involving human lives so that high safety and reliability are always required. COSEL has line-up which is suitable for railway equipment complying with IEC61373.


In the information and communication devices such as cell-phone base station equipment providing a light transmitting device and cell-phone service to form an information and communication network,diversification of small size, high efficiency, low voltage and the voltage advances, and the numbers of power supply increase. COSEL has wide line-up to meet these demands of communication equipment markets.