Released 2008
Rated Input: DC200 - 400V
Rated Output Wattage: 700W
Rated Output Voltage: 12V,24V,28V,36V,48V
Warranty Period 5-year

* When remote ON/OFF is not used, short RC1 and -VIN.
* When the output voltage adjustment is not used, open the
TRM pin respectively.
* When remote sensing is not used, make sure +VOUT and +S are shorted, and that -VOUT and -S are shorted as well.

Features of DBS700B

• Ideal for distributed power systems
• Thin and small size
• Built-in overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection circuits
• Built-in remote ON/OFF (On both side of input and output)
• Inverter operating monitoring (IOG)
• Mounting hole (M3 tapped)
• N+1 redundant operation
• The beet noise is decreased by installing of the crystal oscillator

Ordering Information and Options

DB(1)  S(2)  700(3)  B(4)  28(5)  

(1) Series name
(2) Single output
(3) Output wattage
(4) Input voltage
    B: DC200 - 400V
(5) Output voltage
(6) Optional
    T: with Mounting hole
      (φ3.4 thru)

Product Line-up

Product Name Output Wattage Output Voltage・Current
DBS700B12 696W 12V 58A
DBS700B24 696W 24V 29A
DBS700B28 700W 28V 25A
DBS700B36 702W 36V 19.5A
DBS700B48 696W 48V 14.5A
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.
Table1 Product Status Information
No. Product Status Definition
1 New Product New Product. Recommended for new design.
2 Recommended Recommended for new design.
3 blank Product in mass production
4 NRND Not recommended for new design.
5 To be discontinued PDN (Product Discontinuation Notice) is issued and LTB (Last Time Buy) is under consideration.
6 Discontinued LTB order is no longer available.