Rated Input: DC45 - 160V, DC66 - 160V, DC200 - 400V
Rated Output Wattage: 100 - 700W

Warranty Period 5-year

* When remote ON/OFF is not used, short RC1 and -VIN.
* When the output voltage adjustment is not used, open the TRM
 pin respectively.
* When remote sensing is not used, make sure +VOUT and +S are shorted, and that -VOUT and -S are shorted as well.


• Ideal for distributed power systems
• Thin and small size
• Built-in overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection circuits
• Built-in remote ON/OFF (On both side of input and output)
• Inverter operating monitoring (IOG)
• Mounting hole (M3 tapped)
• N+1 redundant operation
• The beet noise is decreased by installing of the crystal oscillator (DBS700)

Model Line-up