Released 2019
Rated Input: 85 - 264VAC 1Φ
Rated Output Wattage: 600W
Slots: 4
Rated Output Voltage: 5V,12V,24V,48V
Warranty Period 5-year (Refer to Instruction Manuals)

Features of AME600F

• Flexible modular system architecture provides various output configuration
• Low profile(41mm, 1.61inch=meet to 1U height)
• Universal input (85-264VAC)
• For medical electrical equipment
(ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, EN60601-1 3rd, IEC60601-1-2 4th Ed.)
• Medical Isolation Grade 2MOPP
• With AUX output 5V 1A
• Global Inhibit, Remote ON/OFF control

Ordering Information and Options

■Model Name

AM(1) (2) - (3) (4) (5) (6) - (7)(8 - (9) 

(1) Abbreviation for series name of AME series
(2) Abbreviation for power of AME series
  06: AME600F(AM06)
(3) Slot 4 Output module
(4) Slot 3 Output module
(5) Slot 2 Output module
(6) Slot 1 Output module
(7) Parallel code
(8) Series code
(9) Option
  Refer to instruction manual 6.1

*The number of slot is different depending on the model.
*The code for empty slot is "O"

The AME series has Order Name which is used for the ordering aside from Model Name.
Please contact us for the detail.
Please refer to Configuration-Model Name Construction in Instruction manual for Oder name.

Recommended EMI Filters


Input Module

Contents Specifications
Input Voltage 85 - 264VAC 1Φ *
Output Number of Slot 4
Total Output power AC90 - 150V 400W
AC170 - 264V 600W
Operating Temperature/Humidity -20 to +70℃, 20 - 90%RH (Non condensing) *
Safety And Noise Regulations Agency Approvals (At only AC input) UL62368-1, C-UL (CSA62368-1), EN62368-1,
ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, EN60601-1 3rd , Complies with IEC60601-1-2 4th Ed.
Conducted Noise Complies with FCC-B, VCCI-B, CISPR32-B, EN55011-B, EN55032-B
High Attenuation Complies with IEC61000-3-2 *
Others Dimensions (WxHxD) 89×41×257mm
Weight 1.2kg max
Cooling Method Forced cooling (internal fan)
Warranty Period 5-year (Refer to Instruction Manuals)
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

Output Module

120W Suitable Single Output

Contents Specifications
Module Code A B C D
Number of Slots Used 1 1 1 1
Output Wattage 60W 102W 120W 120W
Voltage/Current 5V 12A 12V 8.5A 24V 5A 48V 2.5A
Adjustable  Voltage Range 4.0 ~ 6.0V 9.6 ~ 14.4V 19.2 ~ 28.8V 38.4 ~ 57.6V
Protection Circuit And Others Overcurrent Protection
Works over 105% of rated current and recovers automatically.
Overvoltage Protection 6.5 ~ 7.8V 15.0 ~ 18.6V 30.0 ~ 37.2V 60.0 ~ 74.4V
Remote ON/OFF
Remote Sensing
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

Block Diagram

Documents Download

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Technical Data
CAD Data
  • * For another documents aren't listed, please feel free to contact to a Cosel representative.

Optional Parts


Category Part Number Description PDF DXF
H-OU-42 Output harness(for -J2 option of output module A, B, C and D). -
H-SN-58 Harness for functions(AUX,GI,PR,etc)in CN1. -
H-SN-59 Harness for functions in CN3(for Output module A,B,C and D). -
H-SN-61 Molex housing version of H-SN-58(for -J3 option). -
H-SN-62 Molex housing version of H-SN-59(for -J3 option of output module A, B, C and D). -