Released 2021
Rated Input: 85 - 264VAC 1Φ
Rated Output Wattage: 600W
Output Voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V
Warranty Period 5-year (Refer to Instruction Manuals)

Please refer to derating curve, because the rated load current depends on cooling method that is convection cooling or forced air.
*Make sure necessary tests will be carried out on your end equipment with the power supply installed in accordance with any required EMC/EMI regulations.

Features of AEA600F

• Single output with triple peak current
• High efficiency
• Low profile (41mm, 1.61inch = meet 1U height)
• Medical Isolation Grade 2MOPP (Suitable for BF application)
• Meets EN62477-1 OVCⅢ
• Complies with SEMI F47
• Meets UL508 (Option: -T5)

Ordering Information and Options

AE(1) A(2) 600(3) F(4) - (5) - (6)

(1) Series name
(2) Single output
(3) Output wattage
(4) Universal input
(5) Output voltage
(6) Optional
  C: with Coating
  N: with Cover
  T: Vertical terminal block
  J: Connector type
  R3: with Subfeatures (5V AUX, 12V AUX, Remote, Alarm function)
  T5: UL508
  P5: Overcurrent protection to shut down the output.
Specification is changed at option, refer to Instruction Manual.
3D product images are available.

Read Me First
Standard   N: with Cover   T: Vertical terminal block   J: Connector type

Recommended EMI Filters

Product Line-up

Product Name Output Wattage Output Voltage・Current
AEA600F-24 420W (Peak: 1260W) ACIN 230V Convection Cooling
600W (Peak: 1260W) ACIN 230V Forced Air Cooling
24V 17.5A (Peak: 52.5A) ACIN 230V Convection Cooling
24V 25.0A (Peak: 52.5A) ACIN 230V Forced Air Cooling
AEA600F-36 421.2W (Peak: 1260W) ACIN 230V Convection Cooling
601W (Peak: 1260W) ACIN 230V Forced Air Cooling
36V 11.7A (Peak: 35.0A) ACIN 230V Convection Cooling
36V 16.7A (Peak: 35.0A) ACIN 230V Forced Air Cooling
AEA600F-48 422.4W (Peak: 1262W) ACIN 230V Convection Cooling
600W (Peak: 1262W) ACIN 230V Forced Air Cooling
48V 8.8A (Peak: 26.3A) ACIN 230V Convection Cooling
48V 12.5A (Peak: 26.3A) ACIN 230V Forced Air Cooling
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

Block Diagram

Optional Parts

Category Part Number Description PDF DXF
H-IN-11 Mating harness for input of the connector type power supply. (J option) -
H-OU-53 Mating harness for output with J option. -
H-PA-17 Harness for parallel operation. -
H-SN-71 Harness for using functions of CN3(option:-R3) -