Discontinued (May, 2020)

Released 2002
Rated Input: AC170 - 264V 3Φ
Rated Output Wattage: 1600W
Slots: 4
Rated Output Voltage: 2V,3.3V,5V,7.5V,12V,15V,18V,24V,28V
Warranty Period 3-year

*Make sure necessary tests will be carried out on your end equipment with the power supply installed in accordance with any required EMC/EMI regulations.

Recommended Model for Replacement

Type Model Name Released Catalog
Instruction Manuals
Documents for replacement
Enclosed type PBA1500T 2007
  • Catalog
  • Instruction Manuals
    • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.
    • * Please use them together with the mentioned product to get required outputs.

    Features of MAX1600T

    • Flexible modular system architecture provides various output configurations
    • Harmonic attenuator (Complies with IEC61000-3-2) : MAX1600F
    • Universal input voltage
    • High power factor
    • Various functions
    • Remote ON/OFF control, alarm, parallel operation

    Ordering Information and Options

    M1(1)  -  (6)  (7)  (8)  (9)  -  (10)  -  (11)  

    (1) Abbreviation type name of MAX series
     M1T: MAX1600T
    (2) Slot 8 Output module
    (3) Slot 7 Output module
    (4) Slot 6 Output module
    (5) Slot 5 Output module
    (6) Slot 4 Output module
    (7) Slot 3 Output module
    (8) Slot 2 Output module
    (9) Slot 1 Output module
    (10) Parallel code
    (11) Series and option code
       Refer to instruction manual

    * The number of slot is different depending on the model.

    Recommended EMI Filters


    Input Module

    Contents Specifications
    Input Voltage AC170 - 264V 3Φ
    Output Number of Slot 4
    Total Output power 1600W
    Operating Temperature/Humidity -20 to +65℃, 20 - 90%RH (Non condensing) (Refer to DERATING CURVE)

    Safety And Noise Regulations

    Agency Approvals (At only AC input) UL60950-1, C-UL (CSA60950-1) , EN60950-1, EN50178, Complies with DEN-AN (At only AC input)
    Conducted Noise Complies with FCC-A, VCCI-A, CISPR22-A and EN55011-A
    High Attenuation -
    Others Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x97x300mm [7.87x3.82x11.81 inches]
    Weight 7kg max
    Cooling Method Forced cooling (built-in)
    Warranty Period 3-year
    • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

    Output Module

    Module Code
    Number of Slots Used
    Output Wattage
    Adjustable  Voltage Range
    Protection Circuit And Others Overcurrent
    A B C D E F G H I
    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
    160W 264W 400W 405W 408W 405W 396W 408W 406W
    2V 80A 3.3V 80A 5V 80A 7.5V 54A 12V 34A 15V 27A 18V 22A 24V 17A 28V 14.5A
    1.98 - 2.20V 2.64 - 3.63V 4.00 - 5.50V 6.00 - 8.25V 9.60 - 13.2V 12.0 - 16.5V 14.4 - 19.8V 19.2 - 26.4V 22.4 - 30.8V
    Works over 105%min of rated current. Automatic recovery.
    4.00 - 5.50V 4.00 - 5.50V 5.75 - 7.00V 8.63 - 10.5V 13.8 - 16.8V 17.25 - 21.0V 20.7 - 25.2V 27.6 - 33.6V 32.2 - 39.2V
    • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

    Block Diagram

    Documents Download

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    Technical Data
    CAD Data
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    Table1 Product Status Information
    No. Product Status Definition
    1 New Product New Product. Recommended for new design.
    2 Recommended Recommended for new design.
    3 blank Product in mass production
    4 NRND Not recommended for new design.
    5 To be discontinued PDN (Product Discontinuation Notice) is issued and LTB (Last Time Buy) is under consideration.
    6 Discontinued LTB order is no longer available.