Released 2005

Features of SNA-01

Ripple noise attenuation type for switch mode power supplies (DC)
Best filter for switch mode power supplies of analog circuit
(ex. power supply filter for an operational amplifier)

Ordering Information and Options

SNA(1)  -  01(2)  -  223(3)  -  (4)  

(1) Model Name
(2) Rated Current
(3) Line to ground capacitor code
  Refer to Product Line-up.
  * When the line to ground capacitor code is different, the attenuation characteristic is
(4) Options
  D:DIN rail installation type
    * The dimensions change when the option is set. Refer to External view.

Optional Parts

The harness for Input/Output of EMI/EMC Filter is available.

Product Line-up

Product Name Leakage Current* Line to ground capacitor
(nominal value)
SNA-01-000 - Not Provided
SNA-01-223 - 22,000pF
  • * This model has no specifications of the leakage current


Contents Specifications
Rated Voltage DC±50V
Rated Current 1A
Operating Temperature -40 to +71℃ (Refer to Derating Curve)
Agency Approvals UL60950-1, C-UL(CSA60950-1), EN60950-1
Others Dimensions (WxHxD) 52x35x93 mm [2.05x1.38x3.66 inches]
(Option: -D refer to external view)
Weight 130g max
(Option: -D refer to external view)
Warranty Period 5-year
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

Circuit Diagram

Derating Curve

Documents Download

Technical Data
  • * For another documents aren't listed, please feel free to contact to a Cosel representative.

Optional Parts

The harness for Input/Output of EMI/EMC Filter is available.

Category Part Number Description PDF DXF
H-OU-8 Mating harness for input and output of the connector type EMI filter. (Mfr : J.S.T.) -