Released 2009
Warranty Period 3-year

*Make sure necessary tests will be carried out on your end equipment with the power supply installed in accordance with any required EMC/EMI regulations.

Features of SCHA10000T-48

• High power, AC-DC front end power supply
• Three-phase input (AC160 - 264V 3Φ)
• High efficiency (90%) , High power factor (0.99)
• Harmonic attenuator (Complies with IEC61000-3-12)
• Complies with SEMI F47
• Wide output voltage adjustable range approximately 0 to 52.8V (Optional)
• Constant current regulation provided with additional external components (Optional)
• Parallel operation and Parallel redundancy operation (SCHA10000T)
• System ON/OFF (Remote ON/OFF)
• Alarms
• Output Voltage Monitor
• Parallel Control (Start in/out)
• Remote Signal ON/OFF

Ordering Information and Options

SC(1)  H(2)  A(3)  10000(4)  T(5)  -  48(6)  -  (7)  

(1) Series name
(2) External form
  H: Wide front interface
  D: Compact front interface
(3) Single output
(4) Output wattage
(5) Three-phase input
(6) Output voltage
(7) Optional

Recommended EMI Filters


Contents Specifications
Input Voltage AC160 - 264V 3Φ
Output Wattage 9984W
Voltage/Current 48V 208A
Adjustable  Voltage Range 43.2 - 52.8V
Protection Circuit And Others Overcurrent Protection Activate over 105% - 120% of rated current and recovers autmatically. (Shut down if low-voltage protection activated)
Overvoltage Protection 56.0 - 59.0V (shut down)
Remote ON/OFF Provided
Remote Sensing -
Others -
Operating Temperature/Humidity 0 to +50℃, 20 - 85%RH (Non condensing)
Safety And Noise Regulations Agency Approvals (At only AC input) UL60950-1, C-UL (CSA60950-1) , EN62368-1
Conducted Noise Complies with EN55011 Group1-A, EN55022-A, CISPR22-A, FCC part15 classA, additional EMI/EMC Filter required for meeting class B
High Attenuation Complies with IEC61000-3-12
Others Dimensions (WxHxD) 459x150x320mm [18.07x5.91x12.6 inches]
Weight 23kg max
Cooling Method Forced cooling (require external fan)
Warranty Period 3-year
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.

Block Diagram

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Technical Data
  • * For another documents aren't listed, please feel free to contact to a Cosel representative.

Optional Parts

Harness,Fan unit

Category Part Number Description PDF DXF
H-OU-35 Mating harness for output. -
H-PA-7 Harness for using parallel connection. (SLAVE unit - SLAVE unit) -
H-PA-8 Harness for using parallel connection. (MASTER unit - SLAVE unit) -
H-SN-27 Harness for using remote signal ON/OFF function. -
H-SN-28 Harness for using MAS,SLV,CTB,PCONT,COM terminal. -
H-SN-29 Harness for using system ON/OFF function. -
H-SN-30 Harness for using alarm / output voltage monitor terminal. -
H-SN-35 Harness for using AUX(5V) remote control and PG terminal. -
Fan unit
FAN-SCH-1 Fan unit for SCHA10000T-48. -
FAN-SCH-2 Fan unit for SCHA10000T-48. -