Released 2010
Rated Input: DC9 - 18V, DC18 - 36V, DC36 - 76V
Rated Output Wattage: 15W
Rated Output Voltage: ±5V (+10),±12V (+24),±15V (+30)
Warranty Period 10-year (Refer to Instruction Manuals)

When remote ON/OFF is not used, short RC and -Vin.

Features of MGW15

• Industry Standard 1"X1"
• 6 sided shield
• I/O isolation voltage DC1,500V (1 minute)
• Built-in overcurrent protection circuits (recovers automatically)
• Built-in remote ON/OFF
• High reliability : not built-in aluminum and tantalum electrolytic capacitor

Ordering Information and Options

MG(1) W(2) 15(3) 24(4) 05(5) - (6) 

(1) Series name
(2) Dual output
(3) Output wattage
(4) Input voltage
(5) Output voltage
(6) Optional
  G: Capacitor between Input and Output is removed.
  R: with Remote ON/OFF
    (Positive logic control)

Product Line-up

Product Name Output Wattage Output Voltage・Current
MGW151205 15W ±5V (+10V) 1.5A
MGW151212 15.6W ±12V (+24V) 0.65A
MGW151215 15W ±15V (+30V) 0.5A
MGW152405 15W ±5V (+10V) 1.5A
MGW152412 15.6W ±12V (+24V) 0.65A
MGW152415 15W ±15V (+30V) 0.5A
MGW154805 15W ±5V (+10V) 1.5A
MGW154812 15.6W ±12V (+24V) 0.65A
MGW154815 15W ±15V (+30V) 0.5A
  • * For further information and how to use, please see in Cosel product catalog.