Example of the digital control modification for the power supply
Auto sleep function to reduce standby power

Is there a good way to reduce standby power for eco-friendly and energy saving?
Standby power can be reduced by implementing auto sleep function which detects the standby state and then the operation of the power supply can be automatically stopped.

Auto sleep function

Power supply is consuming power even no load condition to maintain output voltage (internal power loss).
The auto sleep function detects that the power supply enters to the standby state. When it continues for a certain period of time, the output is automatically stopped.

Since the power supply determines the standby state and stops the operation by itself, eco-friendly and energy saving can be achieved without (the user of the device) being aware of it.

1. Detects the standby state inside the power supply, which triggers the operation to stop.
2. When the standby state is detected, the operation of the power supply is stopped after a certain period.

Fig.1 Auto sleep image

To cancel the auto sleep state, either cut off the AC input or operate a signal to the remote control terminal.

Please contact us for details about load factor and setting the time to shift to auto sleep mode.

Application example

  • Battery Charger
  • Digital signage
  • Display lighting etc.

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