Modification Products

About modified products

In order to meet various requirement which cannot be supported with Standard models, some modifications can be added.

Example of modification

Case1 :  Constant current setting for battery charging

  → Modification to constant current power supply by changing overcurrent protection function.

Case2 :  Stable output voltage during input voltage dip

  → Modification to longer hold-up time.

Case3 :  Improves environmental resistance

  → Component protection by silicone rubber and conformal coating.

Case4 :  Improvement against vibration stress

  → Improved with silicone rubber.

Case5 :  Automatic recovery from protection function

  → Modification of the protection circuit to automatic recovery mode.

Case6 :  Lower leakage current

  → Modificated of the ground capacitor.

Example of the digital control modification for the power supply

With the modification of the digital control program, additional functions which were difficult to achieve with only analog circuits are possible.
Examples of PCA600F model that can be modified

Case1 :  Reduce a high abnormal current.

  → Auto shift of overcurrent protection point level.  see more

Case2 :  Identify the conditions that caused the power supply to stop.

  → Failure identification by multiple alarms from digital signal outputs.  see more

Case3 :  Reduce standby power.

  → Auto sleep function added.  see more


  • Only projects which are considered mass production are accepted.
  • Depending on the product or modification content, we may decline , or may require a minimum order quantity, or longer lead time.
    Example) When the external size is changed, or it affects the basic specification.
  • The safety standard may be lost depending on the requirements.
    If a safety standard is required, it will need a new application, and the application fee may be invoiced to the customer.
  • Model name will have extra alphabet character like an "-X □□□ which corresponds to each customer's company name.
     Example: Model name: PBA50F-5-XCSL
        -XCSL means special modified model for COSEL.