Modification Products

About modified products

In order to meet various requirement whih cannot be supported with Standard models, some modifications can be added.

Example of modification

Case1 :  Constant current setting for battery charging

  → Modification to constant current power supply by changing overcurrent protection function.

Case2 :  Stable output voltage during input voltage dip

  → Modification to longer hold-up time.

Case3 :  Improves environmental resistance

  → Component protection by silicone rubber and conformal coating.

Case4 :  Improvement against vibration stress

  → Improved with silicone rubber.

Case5 :  Automatic recovery from prrotection function

  → Modification of the protection circuit to automatic recovery mode.

Case6 :  Lower leakage current

  → Modificated of the ground capacitor.


  • Only projects which are considered mass production are accepted.
  • Depending on the product or modification content, we may decline , or may require a minimum order quantity, or longer lead time.
    Example) When the external size is changed, or it affects the basic specification.
  • The safety standard may be lost depending on the requirements.
    If a safety standard is required, it will need a new application, and the application fee may be invoiced to the customer.
  • Model name will have extra alphabet character like an "-X □□□ which corresponds to each customer's company name.
     Example: Model name: PBA50F-5-XCSL
        -XCSL means special modified model for COSEL.