Overvoltage protection has been operated.

Check Points Solutions Applicable Products
Is output voltage adjuster (trim pot) excessively turned clockwise? Switch off the power supply, turn output voltage adjuster to its maximum counterclockwise, and wait for 5 minutes before switching on the power supply again. LCA,LDC,LDA,LEA
Sensing terminal screws have loosened? Tighten the screws. R100U,R150U
Is sensing wiring correct? Connect the sensing wires according to the instruction manual. PBA300F - PBA1500F,R100U,R150U
Are sensing wires disconnected? Re-connected. PBA300F - PBA1500F,R100U,R150U
Are there any chances that the drawing current has become greater than the rated output current? Check the rated output current of the power supply used and measure the current actually drawn from power supply. All Series

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