What is CE Marking for Power Supply?

The mechanical and electric equipment which is sold in EU Region must display "CE Marking" to clarify the compliance with safety, quality management and prevention of environment destroy. In order to display "CE marking", it must comply with appropriate EC Directive.
Here shows the Directives which is commonly applied to the general mechanical and electric equipment.

(1) Machinery Directive(MD)

It is applied for the aggregate of parts which has "moving part". (Regularly applied for industrial equipment.)

<Example of the product>
Industrial equipment such as Machine Tools, Injection Molding Machine, Construction Machine etc.
Our products are certified by EN60950-1 or EN50178 as a reference of product safety, therefore it is also effective in case our product is used in the Machinery equipment.

(2) EMC Directive

It is applied to the electric and electrical equipment which is considered to generate electromagnetic problem, and it is required to comply with EMI(Emission) and EMS(Sustainability).

<Example of the product>
Home electronic equipment such as Television and Radio etc., Motor, Electric tools, NC machine, Industrial equipment such as Robot controller etc., Radio communication equipment, Information technology equipment such as smartphone, personal computer etc.

(3) Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

It is applied to the equipment which works at the rated voltage of AC50-1000V or DC75-1500V, and it starts applicable in January, 1997.

<Example of the product>
Information technology equipment such as personal computer, keyboard etc., Office supply such as Copy machine etc.

(4) RoHS Directive

As of July 2006, 6 substances are prohibited in electric and electronics equipment sold in the EU (As of July 22nd, 2019, the prohibited substances increased to 10).

Cosel states the compliance for CE marking by self-declaration.
However, we don't declare "(1)Machinery Declaration" because power supply itself should not be applied it.
And we don't declare "(2)EMC Directive" as well because it requires to evaluate as final assembled condition.
We have EMI/EMS test result for stand-alone power supply for your reference.
We declare "(3)Low Voltage Directive" and "(4)RoHS Directive" and prepare Declaration of Conformity for stand-alone power supply.

Fig.1 CE marking

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