What is MSL(Moisture Sensitivity Level)?

1. MSL(Moisture Sensitivity Level)

The semiconductor components with resin-sealed package could be damaged during SMD reflow when moisture was trapped inside the component expands.
MSL is an electronic standard which is established by JEDEC for the time period in which a moisture sensitive device can be exposed to ambient room temperature.
According to this standard, there are eight levels of moisture sensitivity.
Also the components shall be packed with a desiccant and the components shall be baked.
The definition of Floor Life is the allowable period of time storage at less than 30℃, 60%RH.

Table.1 The definition of MSL
# MSL Floor Life
1 1 Unlimited (30℃ less than 85%RH)
2 2 1 year
3 2a 4 weeks
4 3 168 hours (7 days)
5 4 72 hours (3 days)
6 5 48 hours (2 days)
7 5a 24 hours (1 day)
8 6 Mandatory Bake before use

2.MSL of COSEL product

COSEL product -power supply- is not the semiconductor components, therefore it is not subject to MSL. If the floor life would be categorized in MSL, COSEL product would correspond to the following level.

(1) Corresponds to MSL2
 The on-board type and power module type DC/DC converters which are structured more than 4 layers PC board.

- SFS/SFCS series SMD type (Mounting type suffix: B)
- SFLS series
- BR series
- CHS series SMD type (S option)
- CES series SMD type (S option)

(2) Corresponds to MSL1
 Except above product .

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