What is Number of Possible Installation Metric Ring Terminals?

When selecting the thickness of Metric Ring Terminals for connecting to the terminal block of our products, please consider the effective screw part, the insulation distance between the terminals etc. In case the thickness of Metric Ring Terminals is 0.8 ~ 1.0mm, it is possible to use 2pcs of Metric Ring Terminals at the same time for our unit type power supplies or EMI filters.

And please consider the thickness of electric wire in terms of allowable current and voltage drop.

There is a concern of connectivity between two Metric Ring Terminals. There is a possibility that the connection is not constructed properly due to the tilt of terminals caused by the tightening method. We don't recommend to use it in this condition because there is a risk of heating due to the contact resistance. Please make sure that the terminals are installed without any gap and tilt.

We appreciate if you evaluate the actual thickness of Metric Ring Terminals and installation conditions.

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