Cautions in Series Operation

1. Cautions in Series Operation

 There are some concerns for internal component rating or isolation distance because high voltage would be applied between the output and FG when the power supply is connected in series. Please consider following points when series operation is required.

(1) Most of our products are designed to be certified as "SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)" on the output, therefore the operating output voltage should designed to 60VDC (or 42.4Vpeak). When the power supply connects in series and total output voltage exceeds 60VDC, safety approval for the product is invalid.

(2) Do not connect the output circuit to FG in common.
If the output is connected to FG, high voltage would be applied to the secondary grounding capacitor or functional circuit connector on the top side of the unit connected in series. If the applied voltage exceeds the rating of the grounding capacitor or functional circuit connector, the electrical stress would be applied to the part. Regarding internal components rating, please contact us.

(3) Even though the secondary circuit is floating, high voltage would be applied between output and FG. Therefore, the foreign objects would cause short circuit or failure. Please make sure the measures against the failure caused by external objects.

(4) Please pay attention to the treatment of high voltage such as the isolation between FG and output circuit even if the power supply is installed to the equipment.

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