What is CB Test Report?

Compatibility for safety approval certification is confirmed by the Certification Body (CB) of each standard based on the test result provided by the authorized test laboratory.
Recently, each country has own safety standard, and certification of each country standard would be required to sell the product.
For example, IEC60950-1 is the standard for Information Technology equipment, but each country modify a part of the standard (it is called deviation) to meet each country's situation.
If the product gets safety approval for several countries, it is required to do the test to the number of countries.
However, in case if the test item is same as different standard, it wastes time and cost for evaluation.
In order to solve the problem, IEC published the rule of CB scheme that the test report provides by one of Certification Body can be used for certification process of other standard.
It called "CB Scheme. And the document used for CB scheme is called as " CB Test Report.

We are preparing CB Test Report for the most of safety standard.
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