What is measurement item in TEST DATA?

TEST DATA is available to download on website. (TEST DATA is measured by 1 sample.)
Following Table shows explanation of measurement items.

Table1. Explanation of Measurement Item in TEST DATA
No.Measurement ItemsExplanation
1Input Current
(by Input Voltage)
Input current depends on input voltage(Input current increases when power supply activates.)
2Input Current
(by Load Current)
Input current depends on load current
3Input Power
(by Load Current)
Input power depends on load current
(by Input Voltage)
Efficiency depends on input voltage
(by Load Current)
Efficiency depends on load current
6Power Factor
(by Input Voltage)
Power factor depends on input voltage
7Power Factor
(by Load Current)
Power factor depends on load current
8Inrush CurrentSurge input current when power supply start up.(Duration is 5ms max)
9Leakage CurrentLeakage current flow to the earth from power supply
10Line RegulationOutput voltage fluctuation when input voltage changes slowly
11Load Regulation Output voltage fluctuation when load current changes slowly
12Dynamic Load ResponseOutput voltage waveform when output current changes dynamically
13Ripple Voltage
(by Load Current)
Ripple voltage depends on output current
14Ripple-Noise Ripple noise depends on output current
15Ripple Voltage
(by Ambient Temperature)
Ripple voltage depends on temperature
16Ambient Temperature DriftOutput voltage fluctuation depends on temperature
17Output Voltage AccuracyFluctuation ratio of output voltage depends on input voltage, output current and temperature
18Time Lapse DriftOutput voltage drift from 30 minutes to 8 hours
19Rise and Fall TimeOutput voltage rise time from 10% to 90% of rated voltage, and fall time from 90% to 10% of rated voltage
20Hold-Up TimeOutput voltage holding time after input voltage shut down
21Instantaneous Interruption CompensationInput voltage interruption time which output voltage can be kept at rated voltage
22Minimum Input Voltage for Regulated Output VoltageInput voltage when output voltage drop less than 95% of rated voltage or ripple voltage exceed the specification
23Overcurrent ProtectionLoad impedance changes from infinity to 0ohm, then measure the load current when output voltage drops to 95% of rated voltage.
24Overvoltage ProtectionOver voltage protection activating voltage
25Figure of Testing CircuitryCircuit diagram which is used for measurement
*Measurement items are different depends on the product.

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