How to use Remote Control Function with -R option?
(Enclosed and Open frame type Power Supply)

R option is the function to control remote on/off by applying DC voltage from external voltage source to remote on/off pin.
Optional harness is available and line-up is shown in catalog of optional parts.

Fig1. Example of using a remote ON/OFF circuit

When 4.5-12.5V is applied between RC and RCG pin, power supply turns on.
Below table shows specification of remote on/off condition.

Table1. Condition of remote ON/OFF
Internal resistor is different depends on the product Voltage between RC and RCG [V] Current [mA]
Output ON Output OFF
4.5~12.5 0~0.5 (20max)

When external voltage is 4.5-12.5V, additional external resistor is not needed.
When using more than 12.5V to remote on/off, current limiting resistor shall be added externally.
Following formula shows how to calculate value of current limiting resistor.

Please do not apply reverse voltage, since it cause failure of internal circuit.
Generally, remote on/off circuit is isolated from input, output and FG.
For detail, please refer to instruction manual.

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