How long is the storage limitation?

Regarding a storage limitation of power supply and the use after long-term storage, please consider the followings.

Basically, the storage limitation of the unused power supply is 2 years. It is because the storage limitation of the power supply is mainly limited by the duration of the electrolytic aluminum capacitor's characteristics which is generally recommended from the capacitor supplier. However, if input voltage is applied to the power supply, it can be used because of the re-forming action of the electrolyte in electrolytic aluminum capacitor (called voltage treatment). The electric aging time is approximately 1 hour.

The characteristics of the electrolytic aluminum capacitor may deteriorate if the power supply is stored more than 2 years (incl. after use). Therefore, we recommend having an overhole of the power supply before using in cases like this.

Please store the power supply at normal temperature and normal humidity, and avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

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