How long is expected life time in FAN built-in PSU?

1. FAN life time

FAN life time is greatly affected by ambient temperature. In general, it is said that if ambient temperature rises 14 degree, it will be a half. Therefore, please keep sufficient ventilation so that the temperature inside system will not heat up.

Fig.1 Example of expected life time of FAN

2. Air filter

A dust existing in air could get FAN life time short. Therefore, please install air-filter to air inlet in system to prevent it.

3. Humidity and Condensation

Humidity and Condensation. The grease which is used inside FAN would deteriorate if FAN is operated in high humidity environment. Therefore, please do not use or store power supply in high humidity environment as far as possible.
If power supply gets water with rain, or condensation which is caused by sudden temperature change, it will adversely affect the grease and internal circuit of FAN. Furthermore, it will also affect the high-voltage circuit inside of the power supply and break down the power supply finally.

4. How to install FAN?

If FAN is installed in system, please consider the air flow direction of each FAN. The air flow from power supply's FAN and others should not block each other.

Fig. 4.1 Example of Poor installation

Fig. 4.2 Example of Good installation

5. Vibration and Impact

Since the FAN bearing is very fragile to vibration and impact, please be careful not to give any vibration and impact during transportation or handling.

6. Maintenance

Please maintain the FAN periodically, and refer to each FAN life time expectancy for maintenance period.

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