Show DC-DC converter application circuit

1. Input Voltage for DC/DC converter

(1) When using AC/DC power supply

(2) When using AC voltage source

(3) When using a Battery-operated Device

2. Using DC/DC converter

(1) When a Floating Mechanism is Required for Output Circuit

(2) To draw a Reverse Polarity Output

(3) To provide a negative voltage to -Vin by using +Vin side of the converter as GND potential (0V)

(4) To draw the Sum of Input Voltage and Plus Output Voltage

  • Output current shall be less than rated current.
  • Total Output voltage regulation is sum of input voltage regulation and output voltage regulation.
  • When output voltage is shorted, huge current would flow depending on input voltage source.

3. Using Dual Output Type

(1) Using dual output type

(2) Using +/-12V as 24V output

(3) Using +/-12V as multi output +12V and 24V

(4) Using as 48V output

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