Show DC-DC converter application circuit?

1. The case applying the reverse polarity output

Fig 1. In the case of SUSxxxx05

2. The case applying input voltage on output voltage

Fig.2 In the case of SUSxx0505

  • * Output current should be the same as rated current of the DC converter.
  • * Please note that the excessive current flows from an input power supply
    to a load through a DC/DC converter when the output is short circuit.
  • * The change in the output voltage is the sum of the change in the input
    voltage and the output of DC-DC converter.

3. The case using a multiple output unit as a single output unit

Fig.3 In the case of SUWxxxx12

4. Other usage

Fig.4 In the case of SUWxxxx12

  • * Currents of 12V and 24V output flow to 0V line. Please make sure that
    the sum of these values doesn't exceed a rated current of a DC-DC converter.

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