Does rated power change when output voltage adjusted?

1. Summary

If the power supply is used in the condition that the output voltage of the power supply is adjusted, the output power and output current must be considered.

2. The output voltage setting

2.1 Output voltage exceeds the rated voltage

Please refer to the formula (1) for the maximum output power. The power supply is not allowed to be operated in the output power that exceeds the maximum output power because the power supply gets broken due to heating of the internal components.

Maximum output power = Rated output voltage x Rated output current-----------(1)

  1. ex.)The case that the output voltage of the PJA600F-12 is changed to 12.5V
    The maximum output current that the power supply is allowed to be operated
    = Maximum output power / Output voltage setting

2.2 Output voltage is less than the rated voltage

Please keep the output current less than the rated current even though the output current calculated by formula (1) is higher than rated current. Over current protection would be activated when output current exceeds 105% of rated current.

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