Handling of Open Frame Type power supplies

Handling instruction of rugged PCB power supplies is different from that of Enclosed Type(with chassis) power supplies. Please keep in mind the following in handling the PCB type.

(1)After the load test

There remains high voltage inside the power supply after the load test or Hi-Pot test are performed. Therefore, if the power supply is put on the metal plate, it may cause short condition due to exposing solder part, and it will degrade the unit or cause an electric shock.

After the load test

(2)Mechanical stress

When assembling the power supply on the table, avoid mechanical stress to the parts or solder joints. The power supply will be damaged by the stress.

Mechanical stress

(3)Notes when maintenance

At light load, there remains high voltage inside the power supply for several minutes after switch OFF. When maintenance is performed, pay special attention to electric shock.

Notes when maintenance

(4)Insulation distance

When setting the power supply on metal chassis, keep the insulation distance between the lead of parts and metal chassis. The insulation distance is specified at each relative page of the unit. If the distance is not enough, it is preferable to keep the distance by inserting insulation sheet between the power supply and metal chassis.

Mechanical stress