Caution for Safety and Products

(1)Rated input voltage

Input voltage range varies depending on a model. Applying the wrong/reverse voltage severely damages the power supplies.

Rated input voltage

(2)Leakage current

Leakage current flows between power supply wires and earth ground within the rated value.
In case of the multiple operation, however, the total leakage current will be the sum of the leakage current flows from each power supply.

Leakage current


Rated voltage and current varies depending on a wire.
It is necessary to use thick wires, which cover the rated output current of a power supply.



The earth terminal of power supply should be connected to the equipment where power supply is placed as thicker and shorter to protect electric shock or noise interference.



When the internal fuse is blown, a power supply is most likely damaged.
If this happens, please ship the unit back to us for repair.


(6)High voltage

Some parts are generating high voltage inside the power supply. Please do not touch by hand.

High voltage