Three-phase 500VAC 80-150A
Book type
High-attenuation from 150kHz to 1MHz
2-stage filter

Warranty Period 5-year


Space-saving type
Maximum input voltage 528VAC: 10% fluctuations in voltage 480VAC
Selectable leakage current value
Ultra high-attenuation type "FTB-□□□-355-L" for EU (Y type with neutral earth system)

Model Line-up

Table1 Product Status Information
No. Product Status Definition
1 New Product New Product. Recommended for new design.
2 Recommended Recommended for new design.
3 blank Product in mass production
4 NRND Not recommended for new design.
5 To be discontinued PDN (Product Discontinuation Notice) is issued and LTB (Last Time Buy) is under consideration.
6 Discontinued LTB order is no longer available.